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Pre-K Counts Locations

Pre-K Counts is a full day, five days per week high quality early childhood education program that is regulated by the PA Office of Child Development and Early Learning. Highly qualified teachers with specialized training in Early Childhood Development and Education provide a wide variety of educational experiences that are intentionally designed to foster the attitudes, skills and concepts young children need to make social and academic progress.

Eligible children live in families earning up to 300% of the poverty level and may be affected by other risk factors such as special needs or learning English as a second language.

Pre-K Counts classrooms are taught by certified teachers who have specialized training in early childhood education.  Research-based curriculum is linked to ongoing child assessment and results in individualized learning plans for each child.  The individual plans are carried out one-on –one, in small groups, and in large groups.   The maximum group size is twenty children.  The Teacher and an Assistant Teacher facilitate growth and development in a classroom setting that is furnished with a wide variety of age appropriate learning materials. Classrooms operate six hours per day and follow the calendar of their school district.

Pre-K Counts Program

Administrative Offices
139 Rieger Road

Butler, PA 16001
Phone: 724-287-2761
Fax: 724-287-4205